best tricks to stop snoring at home naturally

Snoring is a bad and annoying habit. Recently scientists of USA found that snoring can kill you sometimes. Shocking, isn’t it? It can harm the arteries and result in death. Snoring is usually harmless apart from the fact that the sleep of you and partner will be greatly hampered and as a result, both of you will suffer from various sleep related issues.

You are may be among 45% of the healthy adults who does not snore or at least snore occasionally. But some people do not snore occasionally but every night. Snoring then becomes a severe problem, and it needs to be solved before it becomes a large issue. For example, a snoring spouse sometimes keeps the other from a sound night’s sleep, and they decide to sleep in two different bedrooms. Many complaints about the snoring of their spouse and some even go to the counselor to help them with this. Not only snoring is an annoyance but more than 75% of the people who snore at night suffer from the increased risk of heart diseases. So, this is the high time you should take all the necessary steps to avoid snoring at night. There a lot of ways to avoid snoring. The natural home remedies are the best for snoring. It does not have any side effect and can help you to get good and deep sleep at night.

There are medications available in the market which does not have any proven results. Moreover, surgery can be done to broaden the narrow nasal passage if that is the cause behind snoring. But we feel this is unnecessary because a lot of natural remedies are available which can solve your snoring problem to a certain level and you will be able to enjoy great sleep at night.

Top 10 Tricks and natural remedies for snoring at home:

  1. Changing of sleeping position: Lying on your back or chest can make the base of your tongue as well as the soft palate collage which will lead to a vibrating sound during sleeping. So sleep on your side to get rid of this. A body pillow of your body size can also support the body to maintain a good posture. It will make you sleep on your side and trust me you will be surprised by the difference. Table tennis ball to the back of your pajamas will also help you to sleep on your side.
  2. Elevate the position of your head: With an extra pillow elevate the head from your body so that while sleeping you will be able to breathe easily and there will no hindrance at the time of breathing air in.
  3. Use nasal strips: In the drugstores there are nasal strips available. That looks weird, but this is an effective way to avoid snoring. Following the instructions, you can put on one of those strips, and that will help you to keep your nose open. This will effectively solve your snoring. So, get nasal strips from the nearest medical shop.
  4. Lose weight: Weight sometimes causes snoring, though, the thin people also snore while sleeping. If you have gained weight and the snoring issues have started right after it, then it is because they gained weight around your neck squeezes the internal diameter of the throat and it will trigger snoring after sleeping.
  5. Olive oil: Olive oil is perfect for snoring. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-infectious properties which can entirely solve your snoring issues. For this reason, warm olive oil in the microwave and take a spoonful of it with honey before sleeping. This is how you can actually help yourself from disrupted breathing problem, and this will help you to breathe easily at night.
  6. Stop drinking alcohol before sleeping: Sedatives and alcohol reduce the resting tone of the muscles of your throat and gradually lead you to snore. Drinking alcohol or taking sedatives four to five hours before sleeping make the snoring worse. People who do not normally snore will even snore after taking it.
  7. Practicing good sleep hygiene: Poor sleep habits and poor sleep hygiene can have the same type of alcohol-related problems. So maintaining good sleep hygiene can lead you to proper and snoring free sleep. If you work long hours and do not get adequate sleep then you will sleep hard and deep as a result, the muscles of the back of your throat will become floppier and as a result, snoring will be created.
  8. Peppermint: Peppermint has anti-inflammatory properties. Peppermint is a great solution for the people who are suffering from snoring. You can either use peppermint oil or gargle with peppermint mouthwash. In the case of peppermint oil, use it on the lower portion of your ear or you can massage your chest with it before going to sleep. The anti-inflammatory properties of this oil will help you to clear your nasal passage while sleeping. In the case of peppermint mouthwash, gargle every night before going to sleep. This will clear your throat, and you will be able to breathe in easily. It is very much effective if the snoring is the reason behind your clogged nose, cold or allergy.
  9. Reduce bedroom allergen: The dust, mold, and pet dander cause the stuffiness of your nose stills. So vacuum the floors and furniture which contain allergens. Change the pillow covers and the bed sheets often to reduce the allergens from it. Nettle can be of great help if you are suffering from seasonal snoring problems. This means that certain things in the air are causing you stuffy nose and allergies. Think nettle tea by boiling dried nettle on a cup of hot water before bed.
  10. Intake of water vapor: Intake of water vapor can help you to open your blocked nasal passage. Boil water and mix few drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil and with a towel around your neck take the water vapor. This will help you to avoid snoring at night.

Don’t Snore Again at Home Using these Natural Tricks!

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